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Building from a strong background in supplying quality security service, commerical office cleaning service and building maintenance. We provide all services to our clients to support their business.
We believe that you are good at what you do, running your business, however the support services that your business needs to function, while a priority, should not be a concern and definetly not a time consuming distraction. Contracting Portland Support Services to carry our essential business services, when you need them, saves you both time and and money.

WE DELIVER PREMIUM SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Every aspect of what we supply, will meet or exceed your requirements, purely because we manage every aspect of service delivery, with pre agreed key performances targets, we can measure and improve our service.

Guard Security Services

Whether you need office Security Officers or guards with a dog for a small business or major corporation, we can meet all your security needs.

Contract Cleaning

Our Security Officers are trained and licensed and meet all state requirements set by the Security Industry Authority

Management Team

Our management team works ovide a custom-tailored support program to meet all requirements.

Contract Cleaning

Whether you a weekly clean or a daily clean, our cleaning specification can ensure your office has a daily freshness

Exceptional Security always on time & vigilant

We carefully choose all our security personnel and take time to match them to your requirement, while a good match is a dream a poor match is nightmarish, in our experince matching the personality of the security guards with the culture of the organisation is a good start to a successful deployment

Reliable & Committed our management team

The key to providing any quality support service that consistently has standards, is dependent on the management staff. our management team actively monitor, measure and modify the service being provided. Our management team can be contact by our clients at any time and we support a one call resolve policy

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